Oooh a bagel?! #yum!

Next time someone insignificant I just meet asks me to follow them on Twitter, I’m going to reply with: Oh my gosh! Yes! I would love to know what you’re going to have for breakfast tomorrow!



Second City Improv Level A: Week 5

Wow, summer has gone by so fast, and I am going to miss taking classes at the Second City. Only 3 weeks left!!! My teacher said last night’s class was the most important one of our entire session! We combined our knowledge of Yes, And… with heightening, and giving and taking. In other words, we started doing things where, we noticed what one person was doing, agreed with that, and then added to it. But while adding, we also heightened what they were doing by emphasizing it in some way. 

We did one of the exercises that alllllways cracks me up. Sitting in a circle, one person starts by making a sound and motion to the person to their left. It is usually something strange/not words. And then the person to their left tries to copy exactly the person who passed to them. There was a time I had tears coming out of my eyes, I don’t know why I just lose it. This exercise just demonstrates us doing the yes, and. Eventually in this exercise we added heightening and heightened something that was passed to us. This got even more absurd. At the end of each exercise we gather and discuss why we just did what we did. The heightening combined with yes, and… is how scenes progress. We wanted to agree with what the person before us did, and mimic it, adding something to it. If we had done something completely different, we weren’t supporting or agreeing with what our partner did. In a scene- that would be bad.

We ended class doing a little bit of improvising. In groups of four stood in a line shoulder to shoulder and my teacher kneeled on the ground with a pen in his hand, and when he pointed at us, that was our turn to talk. We were supposed to speak as one, so if he changed mid word- the next person he pointed to was supposed to finish that word off. Listening was key. Each group was complaining about something the audience suggested. Our suggestion was “grandma.” So someone started talking and we got on the topic of how grandma threw our Harry Potter book away because it was devil literature and eventually talked about how she hates vampire things. It was really hard to be so alert for me. When he pointed the pen at me often times I did not find myself ready. It was fun though. 

Wet Hair (Free Write 2)

One thing I cannot stand is going to bed with wet hair. I should probably preface this story with the fact that my cat Winkles died so I was really upset. I was getting ready for bed, brushing my teeth, when I looked at my toothbrush and the bristles reminded me of Winkles’ thick ass whiskers. So I instantly started crying. I got toothpaste all over my face because of my uncontrollable sobs. Anyways, too many details… I was crying because of Winkles, and cried myself to sleep, and my hair was soaked with my tears. My pillow got wet and soggy, and my hair turned into this matted mess. I really hate sleeping with a wet head after a shower, but even worse is a wet head of hair soaked in tears, because as you know- tears are salty… I woke up with hair basically glued to my face. There were big white streaks down the sides of my face to my hairline, where hair was just matted and bunched up. I looked like I had worn a bonnet for a century and took it off one day and had bonnet hat hair.

Next time you cry yourself to sleep, make sure your hair doesn’t get soaked in your tears. Cry into the pillow.

Redirecting the Blog

When I started this blog, I didn’t really have a specific direction for it. It was just going to be a collection of thoughts/ideas that I have. But what I’ve realized is that’s not really that blog worthy. Another thing that I’ve realized is that I am a storyteller. Ever since I was a child I always loved writing and telling stories. When I was a child, I would write children’s books… My mom even took me to a children’s book writing seminar at the local public library. I was definitely the only child in there trying to learn something. I then illustrated those books, bound them, and passed them around for people to read. Now, while I don’t write fictional short stories and illustrate them, I tell stories about things that happen in my life, or in the news like it’s my job. My friends would definitely tell you that one thing that is probably extremely obnoxious, is that when something especially exciting happens, I get the urge to tell everyone I know. So sometimes, a friend will be with me when I tell different people, so they sit there and are like, “I’ve already heard this like 5 times.” and I have to say, “well, I haven’t told _____ yet!”

I don’t really know what or why I feel the need to express my excitement with others… but I have realized I am very passionate about doing so. So… this blog is going to be redirected into storytelling. Sometimes it will be free writes like I did earlier, where I just let the ideas come to mind as I type them. Or they might be ideas that I’ve thought up over a week and kind of formulate them into a story. Or they will be stories about things that happen in real life- like the Second City show last night. I think with some more direction to what this blog is about- I can be a more successful, and entertaining blogger!

Enjoy! and thanks for reading 🙂

Second City Show: Who do we think we are?

Last night, Jackie (the other intern at BMT) and I went to see the 100th Review show on the main stage. We got Chipotle beforehand and ended up being like the second group in line. So, they seated us front and center. I thought maybe it was too close… but I loved it. No obstacles. Anyways, it was SO funny. I was really impressed with the writing. There were your two standard acts, with mostly written material, and then a third act- completely improvised. Before they started the third act, they said that there would be three individuals joining us from the Second City alumn. I got really excited, knowing there are big names out there. The first guy does work for iO (improv olympics) I think- I’d never heard of him before. The second guy is the “face of” the big 10 network. And the last guy they said, “You all probably know him from Saturday Night Liveeee” and out walks Jason Sudeikis! It was so cool being able to see him in his element. Saturday Night Live is completely scripted, so watching him improvise was awesome. He was great. Supposedly he was there with his girlfriend, Olivia Wilde, who I mostly know from one of the first lesbians on TV in the OC. They were in the audience the whole time, but being in the front, I rarely ever looked behind me. So I didn’t notice- it was a complete surprise to me when Jason Sudeikis walked on stage. He had a beard, and longer hair- not the Jason Sudeikis we’ve seen on TV every Saturday Night. But that was so exciting!

Free Write 1.

So this is just something I am going to try out. I am going to try to free write a story. I have no idea where it is going to go. but what the hell-


So today I went swimming with my mommy. I really wanted to use the noodle, but she wouldn’t let me because I wouldn’t eat my broccoli last night at dinner. Is it really my fault that I don’t want to eat something that tastes like poop. haha poop. So I just had to swim around sans floaty. I don’t know if my mom thinks I am some kind of olympic swimmer- what’s his name? oh right michael phelps. But I can barely touch the bottom in the shallow end let alone swim around without a floaty! Anyways. So while my mom was reading her big thick book and soaking in the sun, I decided to go exploring. Our pool isn’t very big, but the fence nearby used to have a hole in it. I went to check it out, and found out that the hole had been covered up. It’s once of those metal fences with all the wires weaved together. So I went searching for something that could open the fence.

I went to the bathroom where I know there are lockers, and started looking through some of the bags sitting out. Didn’t find anything but towels and sunscreen. Then, I turned from the locker room, to face the bathroom, and saw a man’s butt! Not the whole butt, he was bending over doing something with the toilet, so his pants were covering most of the butt. Then I saw his tool box. So I quietly scurried over to his things while he was fixing the toilet, and I found a pair of these big thick scissors, and thought they would do the trick. So once I quietly slid them out of his tool box, I made a run for it and ran out of the bathroom and right to the fence. I was so excited about it, I ended up running right into the fence, and then bounced off and fell on my butt. Some nearby kids saw me, pointed and laughed. I decided I’d have to get my revenge later, but for now I had a calling- opening the fence.

I squatted down by the fence, where luckily I was out of sight from majority of the pool because of some big pine trees. So I slipped the cutters around one fence wire, and snip! cut it. Did this in a big circle, and then pulled the big wire circle off, and revealed my masterpiece of a hole. I ducked down and crawled through it and instantly felt a rush of freedom. I banged my fists on my chest and then looked up at the sky. But it was so bright it hurt my eyes, so I had to close them for a couple of seconds before I could see again. I guess mom was right when she said it’s bad to look into the sun. I wonder if that happens because our eyeballs will melt? Speaking of melting, now that I had freedom, I thought about the next best thing in life- ice cream. My favorite kind was cookes n’ cream of course.

… to be continued…